Florida Man Tries To Flee In Pickup, But It's Hooked To Repo Man's Tow Truck

Mr. Tow Truck: You win this round.

A Florida man took extraordinary steps to prevent his pickup from being repossessed, but failed spectacularly.

Yohanys Lopez, of Homestead, discovered earlier this month that a repo man’s tow truck had hooked up his Ford F-250 and had hoisted the rear wheels off the ground preparing to haul it away.

Lopez had fallen behind on his payments, according to a police report obtained by the Orlando Sentinel. He told the tow truck driver he just wanted to take a few items out of the pickup before it was towed.

Instead, Lopez jumped in the cab, fired up the pickup and attempted to drive it away ― while it was still attached to the tow truck, according to “Inside Edition.”

The four-wheel-drive pickup definitely had power ― enough to lift the tow truck’s front wheels off the ground.

“That was a first — never seen one of my trucks go up the air like that,” the tow truck driver told “Inside Edition.”

However, the repo man won this round.

Lopez, 31, was arrested a few minutes later and charged with grand theft and criminal mischief. 

Rigo Herrera, who co-owns Specialized Towing with his brothers, said the incident was definitely not a normal day on the job.

“Things like this happen that just don’t happen all the time and definitely not to that extreme,” he told CBS Miami.



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