Florida Cops Reportedly Jailed 3-Year-Old Over Potty Training Problems

A Florida police officer reportedly said his son vowed to "never again poop his pants" after being handcuffed and placed in jail in October.

Two Florida police officers are under investigation after one of the cops admitted to putting their 3-year-old son in jail over potty training issues last year, according to The Daytona Beach News-Journal.

Daytona Beach Shores Lt. Michael Schoenbrod told a Department of Children and Families caseworker that his son was “having difficulty” with toilet training and was jailed “on successive days” in October.

“He was crying. I was getting the response I expected from him,” said Schoenbrod, as captured on body camera footage by a Volusia County Sheriff’s Office deputy.

The officer’s son was reportedly handcuffed the second time he was jailed.

Schoenbrod said he’d also put his other child in jail. He told the caseworker that he did something similar with his then-4-year-old son after he hit a girl and was “misbehaving” at preschool, the News-Journal reported.

“He was crying and everything, and to this day, if you mention, like, that incident, he’s just like, ‘I would never do that again.’ It was effective,” Schoenbrod said.

Schoenbrod, who said his son vowed to “never again poop his pants,” co-parents the child with Det. Sgt. Jessica Long of the Daytona Beach Shores Public Safety Department.

The department launched an internal investigation of the two, but findings have not been released. It remains unclear whether the city has or will discipline the officers.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal noted that the two officers had 20 hours of unpaid leave last month.

Neither the Daytona Beach Shores Public Safety Department nor an attorney for Schoenbrod and Long responded to a HuffPost’s request for comment.

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