Florida Serial Pooper Strikes Steps Of Fort King Middle School (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Florida cops have had enough of this s***.

Investigators with the Ocala Police Department say that a serial defecator is doing his business on the steps of a portable middle school classroom -- and they have video to prove it.

The alleged bowel movement bandit first appeared felt during early September, when Fort King Middle School administrators made an unsightly discovery in front of room 469, WTSP-10 reports.

Police said the school also filed reports on Sept. 14, Sept. 19, Sept. 27, according to Florida's NewTimes.

After the four incidents involving the pooper's little presents -- at least two of which included notes -- detectives set up surveillance cameras aimed at the classroom steps.

Sure enough, the perpetrator returned to his favorite spot.

The footage, embedded below, shows a white male with glasses who seems to be holding a roll of toilet paper.

"You can see in the video he appears to be a very clean-cut, normal-looking guy," police department spokesman Chas Maier told NBC Miami. "But you never know what's going on in his head. We don't know if he suffers from mental illness or something like that."

WARNING: The following video may be unsuitable for some audiences: