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Severed Leg Washes Ashore: Florida Police Investigate Mysterious Limb (VIDEO)

Authorities in Florida are searching for answers after a clean-shaven, severed leg mysteriously washed ashore early Tuesday morning.

A Canadian family vacationing in the St. Petersburg area discovered the floating limb around 7:40 a.m. when it floated up on their rented beachfront property, the St. Petersbug Times reports.

According to the newspaper:

The leg had no tattoos, no distinct marks or scars. There were no other signs of trauma, except for some mysterious marks around the upper thigh. It was dotted with seaweed and other debris when it was found.

Police are awaiting further testing from the Medical Examiner's office and checking missing persons reports from several nearby counties in hopes of identifying the victim.

"We don't think the leg's been in the water that long. Our best judgment at this point would be a day or two," St. Petersburg Police Dept. spokesman Mike Puetz told told ABC Action News.

"Right now it's obviously a very suspicious set of circumstances. We're stopping a little bit short of calling it a homicide, at this point, until we get some more details" Puetz said.

Police request that anyone with any information reach out to the TIP line at 727-892-5000.