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Florida Teen Takes Selfie After Car Accident

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A Florida man was involved in a car accident recently with a Volvo after it collided with his semi that was carrying 8,500 gallons of gas. The semi rear-ended the car before bursting into flames.

Police were contacted but the driver of the Volvo left the scene before the police could arrive to the scene where the man later died. As if the news of losing a spouse isn't bad enough. The widow of the man received even worse news.

A passenger who was also a teenager in the Volvo posted a photo to Instagram showing him standing in front of the wrecked car with the words: "RIP volv". He was smiling in the photo.

A Spokesman for the Florida Highway Patrol said the driver of the Volvo was arrested for leaving the scene and violating the rules of his learner's permit.

News of the Florida teen's selfie quickly spread throughout the internet as many began to question if teens were beginning to take social media too far?

According to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), Florida had more than 15.3 million licensed drivers in 2013. The DHSMV reported almost 228,000 crashes in 2011, with 2,400 fatal car accidents and more than 181,600 injuries.

Florida safety officials had no problem identifying the Volvo; however, identifying the Volvo did not change the fact that a life had been lost so tragically.

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