Cops blame hooch, not pooch.
Christina Anne Marie Lamoreaux wanted police to arrest her dog.

Christina Anne Marie Lamoreaux wanted police to arrest her dog.

Wildwood Police

A Florida woman who faces DUI charges after crashing her car into an apartment building told police her dog was to blame and that they should arrest her pet instead of her.

It didn't work.

Christina Anne Marie Lamoreaux of Wildwood, near Orlando, was stopped by police last week after fleeing the scene of the crash, according to local newspaper the Daily Commercial. Officers said Lamoreaux smelled of booze and was acting confused when they found her in her apartment after the accident.

Although Lamoreaux admitted to having been behind the wheel during the incident, she said her dog was responsible for the crash. She was jailed after refusing a sobriety test and resisting arrest, according to the Examiner.

Pets get blamed for car crashes quite a bit. Sometimes, drivers say their dog hit the wheel. Other times, a dog allegedly jumps on the driver's feet. Once in a while, a caffeine-addicted parrot might scare the person behind the wheel. Cats in the road -- at times accompanied by a turtle and squirrel -- can also be to blame for accidents.

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