Flotation Therapy Could Help You Feel Rested And Recharged (VIDEO)

WATCH: You Can Quite Literally Float Away Your Stress

You might, quite literally, be able to float your stress away with the equivalent of a big, old bath.

Isolation tank therapy, an immersive therapeutic technique that has roots in the 1950s, entails a tension-free experience where individuals float in singular water pods, without distraction. The water, which is set to 98 degrees, is said to mimic the healing effects of the Dead Sea, thanks to a high concentration of epsom salts.

The pod could be a claustrophobic's worst nightmare: Though it's not required, to experience complete sensory deprivation, the lid of the pod is shut closed. "Inside it's dark, calm and quiet," says Julie Grauert, a reporter for WPIX, who gives the pod a whirl in the video above. And that's exactly the point. "Your brain finally has a chance to truly be clear and relaxed." The pod offers the chance to just be.

Germaphobes, however, can rest assured: The water is filtered and chlorinated after each use. For more on this intriguing experience, watch the video above. Then, tell us in the comments: Would you give flotation therapy a go?

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