Flourish in Life!

We have officially crossed over into the second quarter of 2016. I cannot help but look at the world and draw analogies about life. We have not only entered a new quarter but we are also in a new season. I believe that life is filled with seasons, adventures and transitions that can empower us to live greater lives. However, the way we look at life determines whether or not we win in life. Life is not a spectator sport. Life requires singular focus and intentionality to be successful. Too often we are building our lives on the wrong things. The cracks in our foundation create the cycles of failure and defeat that we desperately try to avoid. The reality is that life is about advancement. If you can see life correctly then you can live every day of your life consciously.

1. You have to treat your soil. Life literally operates on the law of seed. Every moment of every day we are planting seeds into the soil of our lives. Those seeds will either produce success or failure. What we do not understand is that often the soil of our lives is toxic. We think that we can mix negative beliefs, unreasonable assumptions and positive seeds together and produce a great harvest. However, what we have failed to realize is that if you do not treat the soil you will never transform the trajectory of your life. Whatever poisons your soil prohibits your success in life.

2. You need to understand your field. I talk to so many people that are looking for the one magic thing that will produce success in their lives. What I have learned over the years is that success is not magical. Success is a very methodical process. If I sow seeds for corn I cannot expect to harvest tomatoes. Why is that? A seed can only produce after its own kind. On the other hand, I cannot go into the field with excitement and expectation and think that I will see a harvest. What we have produced is a generation that wants to be rewarded where they have not sown. We have all been given a field in our lives. It is your responsibility to cultivate the field. You will never be nourished from a field that you neglected.

3. You will never reach a place in life that you do not need a seed. Everything I experience in my life today is the product of something that I engineered in another season. You cannot arrive at a place that you have not actively pursued. What am I trying to say? As long as you have life in your body you will always need a seed. I want to shatter a paradigm today. I know that we have made life about status, power and position. However, life is really about seed. If you can wake up everyday of your life with an awareness that life is all about seed it will shift your results. Everything you will ever step into in your life will be the result of a seed. Seed that is never cultivated can be costly. Not only do you miss out on the harvest but you miss out on the higher life that you have been called to live. You cannot afford to live reckless. You need to live with the revelation that the productivity of my life is determined by what I am willing to plant.

4. You have been created to blossom. We are in the season of spring. Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. Although my allergies will probably say differently, spring is a time where things come back to life. We see the lovely flowers beginning to bloom and nature reflecting all of its grandeur and beauty. This is the same process that should be happening in our lives. We were not created to be barren or unfruitful. We were created to blossom and flourish. Nobody starts a garden with no expectation of seeing it sprout and blossom. You have to make the decision to break through the barriers and break up the ground. This process is vital so that what you plant in the garden of your life will flourish and produce much fruit. We live below our privileges when we do not blossom and produce fruit in our lives. It's time to flourish in every area of your life!