Flower Girl Fail: Young Attendant Falls Asleep At Altar (VIDEO)

Let's be honest: Weddings require a lot of energy, and sometimes it's just not worth it. At least, that's how this little girl felt.

After carrying out her flower girl duties, Claire Miller decided she had had enough of all this wedding nonsense, and proceeded to sprawl out on the altar steps for a nap.

"I attended my cousin’s wedding in Lexington, Ky. over the weekend," the video's info section states. "As the priest was about to present the lovely bride and groom to the congregation, the adorable flower girl Claire Miller decided to call it a day. So I got out my camera phone."

Though the wedding went on undisturbed, a woman, presumably the child's mother, came to the rescue and carried the sleepy girl back into the pews.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Claire isn't the only flower girl to do things her way.

Last year one young lady put her own spin on the traditional flower girl routine by picking up the petals from the aisle instead of sprinkling them around.

And who could forget this adorably bossy flower girl who just wanted everyone to be quiet during the wedding ceremony so the bride and groom could do their thing?

Click through the slideshow below to see photos of adorable flower girls from around the world.

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