Watch Flowers Of All Colors Bloom Right Before Your Eyes In This Stunning Time-Lapse

Watch Flowers Spring To Life In This Stunning Time-Lapse

Spring arrives officially arrives March 20, and Thomas Blanchard's exquisite time-lapse of flowers blooming will help you welcome warmer weather with open arms.

The clip -- which features lilies, daffodils, tulips and more -- took four months and 9,624 shots to make, Blanchard explained in his Vimeo description.

Blanchard, of Lyon, France, told The Huffington Post that he found the flowers at his florist. He said he got discouraged at times when certain flowers did not fully bloom, but we say it was well worth the effort.

"I created this video simply because I love nature," he wrote on Vimeo.

That comes through gorgeously loud and high-def clear, Thomas. (And props for the music choice.)

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