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8 Steps To Ensure Your Flower Bouquets Last Longer


A trip to the grocery store is usually a mundane chore, that is, until you wander into the fresh flower section. But there's an internal argument that occurs whenever purchasing a bouquet of flowers -- do you spend the money for these joy triggers even though they'll only last you a couple days?

Thanks to the following tips, the answer to that question will be "yes" forever more. We've rounded up advice for how to make sure your flowers are worth the purchase and last as long as possible.

1. Ask for extra commercial flower food when you're checking out. Each packet is good for about a pint of water, so you'll need more if you're planning on switching out the water a few times.

2. Cut the stems at a 45-degree angle with sharp scissors every day* and hold the stems underwater while cutting. Doing so will prevent air bubbles and the larger surface area helps the flowers absorb more moisture. *Note: Some types of flowers are an exception to the rule, so listen to your florist if you're told otherwise.

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3. Throw a teaspoon of sugar or 1/4 cup of soda into the water. This mimics the sugar rush that occurs during photosynthesis -- you're feeding your bouquet. Replace both the water and sugar or soda after a few days.

4. Some say adding crushed aspirin to the water will help the flowers' longevity, but instead add a copper penny. It will slow down the blooming process.

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5. Remove any leaves that are submerged under the water. It will keep the water cleaner and fresher longer.

6. Keep the blooms out of direct sunlight and away from hot spots in your home. Excess heat draws moisture from the petals and thus creates premature wilting.

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7. Spray them with hairspray. Sounds crazy, but it can preserve their look for longer.

8. Keep flowers away from fruit and other plants. Other flora can give off the gas ethylene, which can cause flowers to wilt too early.

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