'The Flowers Of War' Trailer: Christian Bale Stars In Chinese War Film (VIDEO)

While the world waits for Christian Bale's next heroic turn as Batman, that doesn't come out until next summer. In the mean time, there's another epic-looking film on its way that sees the English actor play a very different type of hero.

The Oscar-winner stars in the upcoming Chinese film, "The Flowers of War," the true life story of an American mortician who gets stuck in China as the Japanese invade the capital city of Nanking. There to pick up the body of a priest who runs a cathedral in the city, he ends up taking the guise of the cloth to protect the girls who attend the cathedral's school.

A sweeping epic directed by Oscar nominee Zhang Yimou, the film cost around $100 million, which is very evident from the trailer: gorgeous, stylized shots of explosions ripping through the then-Chinese capital are gripping, if not sometimes disturbing. The film is China's official selection for the Best Foreign Picture Oscar, meaning Bale could factor into the Academy Awards race once again.

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