Flowers Worldwide Part 6, Islands of the Caribbean: Bloody Well Blooming on the Looney Front

Due to the already oft-mentioned three-decades of photo fasting when I forswore setting finger to camera and digit to digital as I was obsessively-compulsively morphing into a nervous wreck, agonising over achieving just the right angle and just the right light, turning myself into an inanimate lens that no longer enjoyed the sights and sites, there are huge lacunae hereabouts in the Caribbean.

Hence there are no photos from the Greater Antilles – Cuba, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico – nor middling Antilles like Jamaica, nor those tiny precious stones set in an azure sea - to wit all those miracles strung in an arc from Grenada to Antigua via St. Lucia and Guadeloupe, Domenica and Montserrat.

By the time I broke the photo fast, there were just a few islands from that peppered sea still left for a pictorial visit.

So, ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I now give you Trinidad and Tobago, Turks & Caicos, Curacao, Bonaire, Saba, Statia, St. Maarten, St. Barth, Anguilla, and the U.S. and British Virgin Islands – prior to the terrible onslaught wrought on some of them by Hurricane Irma.







Grand Turk



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