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Floyd Landis Alleges Lance Armstrong Drug Use

The 2006 Tour de France winner, Floyd Landis, tells me about the doping scandal that ruined his career and delves into the alleged drug use by his former teammate, Lance Armstrong.
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Former cyclist Floyd Landis sits down for his first extensive television interview since admitting to drug use. The 2006 Tour de France winner, who was later stripped of his title, talks about the doping scandal that ruined his career. During the exclusive interview, Landis discusses former teammate Lance Armstrong, claiming that the superstar is guilty of using illegal performance enhancing drugs while providing detailed, first-hand accounts to support these allegations. Landis also raises questions on whether the world's current best cyclist, Alberto Contador, could have used illegal performance enhancing drugs during his past three Tour de France wins. Additionally, Landis exposes possible corruption within cycling and talks about his NASCAR future.


Landis details first-hand knowledge of Lance Armstrong's alleged doping while Landis was on Armstrong's U.S Postal Service team and helped Armstrong win three consecutive Tour de France titles. Detailed allegations include Armstrong smuggling drugs through an airport, Landis watching over Armstrong's refrigerator of blood packs, and blood transfusions on the team bus during the Tour de France. Watch Clip:

Landis on former teammate Lance Armstrong: "He's a bully... He has a sense of entitlement that defies any kind of reason... The difference between Armstrong and I is he got satisfaction out of making people lose. He likes to see people lose. I got satisfaction out of winning and it didn't really have anything else to do with other people." Watch Clip:

Landis on whether he believes the world's current best cyclist, Alberto Contador, used illegal performance enhancing drugs in winning the past three Tour de France titles: "I can't give you a statistical likelihood, but I know for sure that his coach is my previous drug dealer." Upon following up, "What does that tell you?" Landis replied, "Maybe he found Jesus, you can figure it out." Watch clip:

Landis suggests that Armstrong reached a secret money deal with the UCI (International Cycling Union, cycling's governing body) to cover up his positive drug test and how he believes Armstrong's coach, Chris Carmichael, was never actually his coach but "a smokescreen." Watch clip:

Landis also reveals why it took him so long to reveal the truth about his doping, why he says that for as long as he's been in the sport cyclists have been unable to win the Tour de France without using illegal performance enhancing drugs, and why he thinks the problem within professional cycling will never get fixed. Below are two more clips and the one hour Landis interview episode.

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