Floyd Mayweather Says Goodbye To Boxing In The Most Floyd Mayweather Way

We'll miss you too, Floyd.

Floyd Mayweather's boxing career will come to an end after his final fight against Andre Berto on Sept. 12 and with that, he'll also receive far less attention moving forward in his life.

And, oh boy, is the start of his farewell tour already off to great start.

In an interview with CBS Sports published on Friday, Mayweather was asked what he'll miss most about boxing. 

What I will miss most about the sport ... the haters,” said Mayweather. “I will miss all the jealous haters.”  

Mayweather should miss them too, because his critics, sorry -- "jealous haters" -- push him to be bolder, brasher and more defiant in his messaging. Mayweather clearly feeds off the hate, which in turn results in extravagant Instagram posts and petty feuds with Ronda Rousey. The more we tell him he's a bad person, the more trumped-up he becomes. 

Without his critics, Mayweather is, in a sort of way, a far less interesting person. His divisiveness drives people to click on his name, pound away at keyboards and buy his fights. It's what makes Mayweather, Mayweather. And for that, we'll miss you too, Floyd.

But not really though. At all. 


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