Dickipedia: Floyd Mayweather

Definitive Proof That Floyd Mayweather Is A Dick

Dickipedia is "The HuffPost Show's" comprehensive wiki of dicks. Our latest entry is Floyd Mayweather, Jr.: a professional boxer, a fight promoter, the world's highest-paid athlete and a dick.

Episode four of "The HuffPost Show," featuring special guests Taryn Manning, Kevin McHale and #BlackLivesMatter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, airs on Friday, May 1. Stream the episode live here.

*Note: The people at the Wikimedia Foundation asked us – very politely, by the way -- to make sure people know that Dickipedia is in no way associated or affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation or Wikipedia and does not represent the values of the Wikimedia Foundation or Wikipedia. Y’know, in case you were confused…

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