Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s Girlfriend: Miss Shantel Jackson Wears Revealing Dress To Fight (VIDEO)

Nothing mingles blood and glamour quite like a high-profile boxing match. The epic bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Miguel Cotto was no exception. In defeat, Cotto battled Mayweather for the scheduled 12 rounds in Las Vegas, even drawing blood in the middle rounds. Despite being dragged into what HBO boxing analyst Jim Lampley described as "the most crowd pleasing fight of Mayweather's career," the victor made sure to bring plenty of glitz and flash with him to the ring.

As he made his way to the ring before the bout for Cotto's WBA super welterweight belt, Mayweather was flanked by pop star Justin Bieber, rapper 50 Cent and professional wrestler Triple H. But no one may have been quite as glamorous as the young woman sitting to Bieber's right during the bout: Ms. Shantel Jackson.


In between the 7th and 8th rounds, Jackson drew the attention of Lampley and fellow analyst Emanuel Steward. As HBO showed the model and aspiring actress in a quite revealing dress.

Lampley: There's Floyd Mayweather's current girlfriend, Miss Jackson, a star on 24/7 and.. uh.. that dress.. is star quality.

Steward: That dress...

Although Lampley described Jackson as "Mayweather's current girlfriend," she is widely described as being his fiance, including in a recent edition of Sports Illustrated's "Hot Clicks" when she was the Lovely Lady Of The Day.

Of course, it is a previous flame of Floyd's that will have him back in the headlines in a few weeks. Mayweather is set to begin a 90-day jail sentence on June 1 related to a domestic violence charge against a former girlfriend.



Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Miguel Cotto