Fluffy Bunny Sea Slugs Make Us Want To Cuddle Them

Jorunna parva redefines undersea cute.

Think land-dwelling creatures hold the monopoly on cute? Think again.

Case in point: Jorunna parva, the fluffy bunny of the sea.

Photos of this cartoonish sea slug have recently taken the Japanese Twitterverse by storm, which makes sense considering the Japanese have an intense adoration for all things cute. (Japan is the homeland of Hello Kitty, after all.)

Equipped with two tiny "ears" and a fluffy "tail," it's no wonder people are comparing the slug to rabbits, cats, and Pokémon. But the "bunny ears" atop the slug's body are actually rhinophores, which allow the animal to process scents.

Jorunna parva can be found in waters around Japan and in other parts of the Pacific, surely warming the hearts of the lucky divers who stumble upon them.

Looks like it's time to get that scuba certification.

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