Flula Borg On The LA Arsonist: An Ode To Non-Arsonist Germans

German DJ Flula Borg is feeling really "embarrass" about the German-born man charged with lighting dozens of arson fires in Los Angeles. But Borg is not ashamed about Harry Burkhart's heritage -- so much so that he wrote a pretty awesome song to express himself.

The parody is like a letter of apology to the city of Los Angeles, set to the tune of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire."

Borg wants to reminds us Angelenos that not all Germans are arsonists. He sings, "we did not start the fires / no it was not me / but I'll still say sorry." He brings up fellow-Germans like Claudia Schiffer, Wener Herzog, Christoph Waltz and Engelbert Humperdinck to make the point that, "we did not start these fires / no, it was just one man / who was a douchebag."

Take a look at the Ode to non-fire starting Germans above. If you liked his apologetic serenade, follow Flula on Twitter and Facebook.