Flushing International High School Wins Human Rights Award (VIDEO)

The students and faculty of Flushing International High School turned an ugly incident into a human rights project that culminated in an award winning film.

In November, two of the school's Chinese students were attacked by Latino students and non-students.

The school is 50 percent recent Chinese immigrants and 40 percent Latino. The school community knew they needed to act quickly to restore a sense of security.

As part of this effort, arts teacher Dillon Paul teamed up with filmmaker and Flushing alum Jean Franco Vergaray to create a video entry for the "I Am This Land" human rights contest.

The school won the nationwide competition, beating out 24 other entries from high school and college students from across the country.

In the video, entitled "Role Call," Flushing alum Osbani Garcia makes a visual point on prejudice by transforming into an Indian woman, a beggar, an athlete, a Native American, a religious Jew and a geisha girl, amongst others.

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WATCH "Role Call," along with other entries below.