Fly Away With a Deal This Spring Break

If you're looking to escape to somewhere warm in the coming weeks, here are our tips on where to book.
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Spring is finally here, but with temperatures still lower than preferred for much of the country, online travel agency, CheapOair, has good news for budget-conscious travelers.

Due to the long winter that has affected most of the United States, travelers are showing a greater interest this year in destinations throughout Mexico and the Caribbean. This has resulted in greater flight availability to popular spring break destinations including Florida and California, where consumers can find great deals.

If you're looking to escape to somewhere warm in the coming weeks, here are our tips on where to book.
  1. South Florida. For a basic beach vacation, South Florida is always a popular spot for spring break travelers. It's also easy to find great deals on airfare to this area, as there are three airports consumers can choose from -- Miami (MIA), Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and Palm Beach (PBI) -- with flights under $350 roundtrip. Depending on your interests, Miami offers the best nightlife, Fort Lauderdale has enticing waterfront dining and Palm Beach is known for its culture, museums and performing arts.
  2. California. For those travelers who prefer the Pacific over the Atlantic, they will find affordable deals out west. For spring break, San Diego, which is less hectic then its neighbor to the north, Los Angeles, is offering average roundtrip airfare at around $313. For a laid back getaway, La Jolla (a neighborhood in San Diego) offers visitors an atmosphere with beaches, aquariums, state reserves and more.
  3. Colorado. If you aren't into the beach, there are plenty of other destinations to explore. Denver offers all of the typical outdoor activities, from hiking the adventurous terrain, to biking and skiing. While the city center has everything from art galleries to upmarket yet affordable restaurants, visitors can also enjoy the various bars and live entertainment, for around $300 roundtrip.
  4. Mexico and the Caribbean. Although demand is high this year, there are lots of affordable options in these destinations. Puerto Vallarta is the most popular destination this year for spring break travel, with other destinations in Mexico, including San Jose Cabo and Cancun, also making the list. All three spots can be booked for under $600 roundtrip. For travelers looking to get away to an island on a budget, they can check out flights to San Juan, Puerto Rico for around $406 roundtrip. For a more exclusive vacation, Saint Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands is offering airfare for around $530 roundtrip.
  5. Europe. A more cultural experience can be had in Europe, with flights to London under $1,000 for spring break. To avoid high cost of travel to Europe in summer -- and to avoid the rain and the fog that London is well known for -- consider traveling across the pond in March, the least-rainy month of the year for the city. Next door, flights to Dublin are showing availability at only $811 roundtrip, so if you want, you can enjoy a pint or two (or three) at the Guinness Storehouse before exploring the castles of southern Ireland.

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