Fly Around Ceres In This Dramatic New NASA Video

NASA has released a dramatic new video of the dwarf planet Ceres (above).

The black-and-white animation lets viewers fly around the mysterious orb from an altitude of 8,400 miles, compressing the nine-hour Cererian day into 75 seconds. It was assembled from 80 images taken by the space agency's Dawn spacecraft.

"We used a three-dimensional terrain model that we had produced based on the images acquired so far," Ralf Jaumann, a Dawn team member with the German Aerospace Center in Berlin, said in a written statement. "They will become increasingly detailed as the mission progresses--with each additional orbit bringing us closer to the surface."

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Diagram showing path taken by Dawn spacecraft.

Just don't believe everything you see in the video, which was posted to YouTube on June 8, 2015: NASA doubled the vertical dimension and added a star field in the background.

Dawn was launched in 2007. It spent 14 months studying the rocky protoplanet Vesta before entering orbit around Ceres on March 6, 2015.



Images Of Asteroid Vesta