Flybe Will Launch 'Shuttle Bus In The Sky' Hop-On, Hop-Off Service

Flybe Will Launch 'Shuttle Bus In The Sky'

Bus meets airplane in one airline's innovative new "shuttle bus in the sky."

British budget airline Flybe announced its plan Thursday to launch a "hop-on, hop-off" shuttle flight, the Telegraph reports.

The FlyShuttle service is set to run every Monday through Saturday. The northbound route will pick up passengers in Jersey at 7 a.m. and make stops in Southampton (7:45 a.m.), Leeds Bradford (9:35 a.m.) and Aberdeen (11:15 a.m.). The southbound route will run in reverse, departing Aberdeen at 7 a.m. and completing the route in Jersey by 11:20 a.m.

FlyShuttle's 78-passenger flight will function like a bus or a train, making stops for passengers to board or disembark. The route will launch Oct. 26 and tickets are set to cost about $51 one-way.

According to the Telegraph, the flight's only major hinderance could be the fact that all northbound passengers must disembark in Southampton to clear UK customs.

Paul Simmons, Flybe’s chief commercial officer, said the service makes everyday air travel more convenient.

"Designed to be used as a 'shuttle bus service in the sky' all the way between Jersey in the south and Aberdeen in the north, we are again showing that we are the 'fastest way from A to Flybe', faster than road or rail — and certainly most affordable," Simmons said, according to Business Traveller.

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