Flynn McGarry, 13-Year-Old Chef, Headed For Culinary Fame (VIDEO)

At 10, Flynn McGarry was tired of the meals his mother cooked for him. So, the Los Angeles native took matters into his own hands and started making his own meals. One of his specialties? Trout with braised leeks, caramelized fennel and wild fennel fronds.

Now 13, the budding chef is being hailed as a "food prodigy" and will spend his summer apprenticing with some of the best chefs at LA's hippest restaurants, MSNBC Nightly News reports.

Flynn began making a name for himself in the culinary world when John Sedlar, owner of the trendy Playa Restaurant, let Flynn take over the kitchen for a special nine-course meal, which sold out almost instantly.

"Flynn is a very unusual young man, and he's very very passionate," Sedlar told MSNBC.

Flynn's passion has now taken over his life -- and his bedroom. His room has been converted into a full-service kitchen with a small bed in the corner. And once a month, his entire home is turned into a pop-up restaurant for which Flynn is the star chef.

"My goal? Michelin three stars, a restaurant in the Top 50 list," he told MSNBC. "Hopefully the top five."

Flynn isn't the only talented young prodigy to astound the experts. At just 17, physicist Taylor Wilson is already teaching graduate-level courses and has built a functioning nuclear reactor. And 12-year-old app developer Thomas Suarez (the brains behind Bustin Jieber, and several other popular apps) has already given a TED talk about his work and been recognized with prestigious industry awards.

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