Foal With All The Smooth Moves Redefines 'Hot To Trot'

It behooves you to watch this video.

Have you ever seen a horse moonwalk?

Neither have we, but this foal comes awfully close.

Unlike pop star Michael Jackson, who picked up his smooth moves with plenty of hard work, Paso Fino horses like this one take more of a Lady Gaga approach: They're "born this way."

According to Oklahoma State University, Paso Fino horses are prized for their remarkably smooth, stable gait, which is the result of genetics -- not training.

"These are not trained movements, but are natural to the horse from the moment of its birth," OSU's website notes. "Artificial training aids are not necessary to bring about this genetically inherent gait."

Here's what that gait can look like once the horses are adults, after a bit of training:

(According to Horse Illustrated, a Paso Fino has plenty of other walking styles. This just happens to be the flashiest.)

The Facebook video at top has seen a resurgence after BuzzFeed published a copy on Tuesday, though the video was shared by Paso Fino Trader on Facebook in 2014.