How To Make Foamed Milk In A French Press, Because You Can

Lattes are within your reach.

Throw out your pour overs, get rid of the Chemex, and pledge allegiance to the French press because this simple brewer can make you great coffee AND foamed milk to boot.

There are many different ways to brew a cup of coffee, but not all of them can double as a tool for making fancy foamed latte milk like the French press can. We've long debated about which coffee brewing method makes the best cup -- the French press was always up there at the top, yet never number one. But this new piece of information has given the French press mega bonus points.

We recently came across a smart tip that showed us how to make fancy latte milk in the microwave, and that's when we learned about the French press foamed milk hack. Of all the different ways you can foam milk without a proper steamer, the French press offers the fluffiest, foamiest results. Watch the video above to see how it's done.

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Before You Go

Flickr: erickgonzalez50
One of the most popular espresso drinks, a cappuccino done right should be equal parts espresso, steamed milk and foamed milk (about 60 ml each).
Flickr: Vancouver Bites!
With 60 ml of espresso, 60 ml of chocolate and 30 ml of steamed milk, a mocha is a the right choice if you want something sweet.
Flickr: Ambernectar 13
The latte gets its name because it's full of milk. It is generally just a 60 ml shot of espresso with 300 ml steamed milk -- and only 2ml foamed milk.
Cafe Au Lait
Flickr: maxehlers
If you prefer brewed coffee over espresso, cafe au lait is for you. It's just a pampered cup of coffee -- calling for warm, steamed milk in place of cold milk.
Flickr: r͢ǫbcee̶
If you like the taste of espresso, but don't like how quickly it goes you'd be happy with an Americano. It's a shot of espresso (30 ml) with twice the amount of water (60 ml).
Cafe Noisette
Flickr: cyclonebill
The noisette is one step between the machiatto and the latte. It's a big shot of espresso with half of that amount in hot milk.
Flickr: s2art
With a macchiato you get a shot of espresso (or sometimes two) with just a dot of foamed milk.
Flickr: Brian Legate
Doppio means double in Italian, and that's exactly what you get with espresso. Rather than the expected 30 ml shot of espresso, a doppio gets you a 60 ml shot.
Flickr: scottfeldstein
A small shot of caffeine -- but more than enough to get the job done -- usually about 30 ml.
A ristretto is the coffee choice for those who like to get straight to the point. It's a very concentrated espresso shot -- only 22 ml.

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