Mysterious Foam Spills Onto Street (And This Guy Can't Resist Riding His Bike)

"Yeah, someone had to do it."

A street in Santa Clara, California, looked like a set for the remake of “The Blob” on Friday.

A strange bubbling foam spilled out of an airport hangar around 11:30 a.m. and flowed into nearby streets. The fluffy mass ended up engulfing an entire parking lot, according to KTVU-TV. 

The frothy sea of foam was part of a fire-suppression system at Signature Flight Support, a business that services jets.

A malfunction released the foam, but there was no fire, Santa Clara Police Lt. Dan Moreno told NBC Bay Area.

At one point, the foam was deep enough to cover a stop sign, according to CBS San Francisco.

Moreno said the foam wasn’t dangerous. San Jose fire officials, however, told ABC 7 News that the goo was a carcinogen known to cause skin irritation.

That didn’t stop Blake Harrington from riding his bike through the foam ― a moment captured by an airborne news camera that quickly went viral.

Harrington told KTVU that police officers on the scene actually encouraged him to take the foamy ride.

“Yeah, someone had to do it. We were on the other side and the officers over there were like, ‘You should ride through,’” Harrington told the station. “And I was like, ‘OK you guys don’t mind?’ So we decided to do it.”

The majority of the mess was cleaned up by 1:30 p.m., according to news reports.



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