Focal Upright Furniture's Half-Sitting, Half-Standing Desk Equal Parts Dorky, Hilarious (PHOTOS)

Looking for a break from sitting at work all day, but too tired to stand?

Now a new desk from Focal Upright Furniture gives office workers the opportunity to sit and stand at the same time -- or do neither depending how you look at it -- Businessweek reports. The half-sitting, half-standing workstation costs about $1,800, but allows workers to rest in their “natural, neutral posture” by leaning on a stool-like seat and using an adjustable-height desk, according to designer Martin Keen.

The work station might seem a bit strange, but using it is likely the healthier than sitting at a traditional desk. Sitting down for extended periods of time can pose serious health risks including heart attack, nerve pain, back pain and obesity. As a result, standing desks, such as those made by GeekDesk, are becoming increasingly popular. Indeed, 10 percent of employees at the Dulles office of The Huffington Post’s parent company AOL use standing desks, The Washington Post reports.

Check out the Focal Upright Furniture workstation below:

Focal Half-Standing, Half-Sitting Workstation

Focal Half-Standing, Half-Sitting Workstation Photos

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