Focus On the Family Foresees Unrestricted Porn with Obama Presidency

The few adult industry professionals still wondering who to vote for in Tuesday's presidential election might take a tip from anti-porn evangelical bully boy Focus on the Family, which assures an anxious electorate that an Obama presidency could well bring about a host of liberal evils, including the fact that "porn will be available practically everywhere with no restrictions."

While those who prefer to traffic in content that features consenting adults likely won't be pleased with an utterly "no restrictions" industry, if what James Dodson's mouthpiece says is true, it will certainly be a welcome change for those who create within the erotic landscape.

In Focus on the Family's hypothetical, futuristic "Letter from 2012 in Obama's America," the organization attempts to whip up the fear within its base by insisting that a future under a president Obama "could" see an end to the world as they wish to know it.

Among the litany of terrors the organization hysterically lists as likely are same-sex marriage in all 50 states, a socially liberal Supreme Court, the disbanding of the Boy Scouts, "compulsory training in varieties of gender identification in Grade 1," the eradication of religious adoption agencies, the banishment of religious programming as illegal "hate speech," the liberal poisonings of home school educations, gays serving openly in the military, the assurance of abortion rights, the forced participation in abortions by medical providers who are morally opposed to them -- and the end of all obscenity laws."

"In the 2011 decision," the fictional evangelical from the future explains, "the Court essentially found that any pornographic work had some measure of 'serious artistic value,' at least according to some observers, and thus any censorship of any kind of pornographic material was an unconstitutional restriction on the First Amendment freedom of speech and freedom of the press."

The news only gets rosier for erotic expression and gloomier for those opposed to it, as the missive continues. "In addition, all city and county laws restricting pornography were struck down by this decision. As a result, pornographic magazines are now openly displayed in gas stations, grocery stores, and newsstands (as they have been in European countries for several years."

And we all know about those "European countries" and their godless ways.

In addition to sexual excess that nearly rivals that of fallen conservative religious leaders and their GOP supporters, the tirade assures readers that al Qaeda operatives quickly flooded into unoccupied Iraq, the end of Bush's domestic wiretapping scheme led to massive terrorist attacks throughout the nation itself, Russia repeatedly breached its neighbor's boundaries, Communist countries enjoyed tighter domestic ties to the U.S., and an Iranian nuke attack was successfully launched against Israel.

Not bad for two years.

But the horrors don't stop there. With all medical insurance fully nationalized, nobody was able to get in to see a doctor, leading to a massive rise in both personal taxation and citizen mortality. With gasoline at more than $7.00/gallon, who could afford to get to the doctor, anyway?

Since this is a call to action, the writer doesn't place the fault for all these woes at the feet of a sinful pornography and sensuality-loving populace. Instead he assures his readers that "Christians share a lot of the blame."

Their crime? Having been influenced by a desire for "change" that was nurtured and encouraged by a foolish attraction to Obama's reasoning power and thoughtful nature.

The world has one more day before America learns whether the events that "A Christian from 2012" warns about will begin to unfold. The world will learn whether Americans chose an angry, unfocused man with a life-long dream of power and his divisive, ill-informed, drums-of-war beating running mate -- or a man whom even his most bitter enemies admit is diplomatic, eloquent, reasonable and thoughtful.

As "A Christian from 2012" reminds, Jesus is quoted as observing that "You will recognize them by their fruits."

November is harvest time.

Don't forget to vote.