Focus: Take Flight Like the Monarch Butterfly


Growth doesn't always come easy.

Do you pay attention to the patterns that show up in your life? Do you focus on what you have or what you don't have? What you want or what you don't want? And, the past, present or the future?
No one ever said that following your dreams would be a breeze. It's uncommon to take decisive action toward what you really want because most people get paralyzed by fear, overcome by limiting beliefs, and aren't really clear about their true calling - so they live in a state of limbo; one foot in and one foot out. They focus on what they don't have, what they don't want, and live anywhere but the present moment. They feel completely out of control and off balance.

I've been there. I remember when I first became an entrepreneur. I was in my mid-twenties, had just bought my first condo, and 3 weeks later I lost my job. It was in the 2008 stock market downturn when I launched my business as a financial coach for women because I wanted to be in control of my own growth and development, and have the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur. Besides, "no one was ever going to lay me off again!"

But, no one trusted advisors that time, and I was young and naive. I felt like an utter failure because I wasn't even sure how I'd pay my bills with this new mortgage, and sign on clients in one of the worst economies ever. I was overwhelmed, completely lost, and afraid. My money mindset lived on scarcity mode because well, how could it not?

Change your focus, change your results.

My mentors told me for years to hire a coach. I had never invested in myself on that level nor really new about coaches, so it all felt really new and frankly, I wondered if it was worth it. If I was worth it.

Hiring a coach not only changed my business, but it changed my life. I wound up building a successful practice, was given the opportunity to be the first woman in leadership in a male dominated firm (most of these guys were 2x my age!) and traveled the country inspiring women to take control of their financial wellbeing.

I cleared out mental blocks that were holding me back and ingrained new belief systems into my subconscious mind. I started focusing on what I could offer, who I could serve, and the big value that I delivered - as well as appreciating what made me special. At the same time, I went through my yoga teacher training and really began to grow more present. More in tune.


Metamorphosis is possible.

Overtime, I began to realize that I was out of alignment. I was successful, but I was not fulfilled. I needed to make another huge change for my own happiness. This required decisive action, and managing all of the emotions that go into making a big leap - doubt, fear, inadequacy, and just "what if?"

At each stage of growth, those same fears and doubts come back. Despite that, you have to continue on your path. Character is built at these stages of development, and that's where the really beauty can be born.

Like the monarch butterfly that metamorphoses from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. With its small body, and paper thin wings, it migrates thousands of miles each year and always comes back to the exact same trees. The butterfly is in alignment. It knows how to fly, and where, and it gets there in a tiny body with grace and efficiency.

If these small insects can do that, then just think of what you are capable of with the right set of wings. With the right belief system.

- be present and aware of what is happening around you.

- and do they keep you on the right path, or send you flying to the wrong trees.

- the deep rooted, reason why your thoughts are impacting your path the way that they are.

It is only once we become in tune with our source that we begin to understand how to do what matters most with ease, clarity, and fulfillment.

Just yesterday, a monarch butterfly flew back into my world...

I hadn't seen a monarch butterfly since my last visit to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco over a year ago, and I recall fondly how that trip was the start to my journey of leaving my old business and launching my new one. Since that trip, I have moved cross country from Boston to CO, successful launched my dream business. Last week, I streamlined my coaching offerings and started my true masterpiece: "Do What Matters Most for Woman Professionals and Entrepreneurs: A Self-Development Coaching Program with Ease, Clarity and Fulfillment." And, at this time next week, I am closing on my dream home that has exact features from my vision board.


Last week, I listened to a Wayne Dyre special about inspiration and the story of this monarch butterfly. You may have heart it? And yesterday, I took a picture of a butterfly that I had colored and framed in my office, out of the frame and placed it in the window above this tree that sits outside of my office. I replaced it with wealth affirmations that I need during this next stage of my growth. And sure enough, the monarch came back into my life, right to that very tree.

While this may sound fleeting to some, maybe you should try to change your focus and the meaning that you attach to happenings in your life. I notice these small details and encourage you to do the same. There was no coincidence in the monarch's return, just as there are no confidences in life. ( When you trust in the process and you courageously go in the direction of your dreams, tune in to the messages around you as you take flight. Support and inspiration are always there - you just have to be willing to see it.