Foie Gras Bubble Gum: The Taste Test

Taste Test: Foie Gras Bubble Gum

Vice President Joe Biden memorably quoted his mother during his Democratic National Convention speech, "Joey, bravery resides in every heart, and the time will come, when it must be summoned."

For your editors at HuffPost Food, that time came recently -- and the taste test that summoned our bravery was foie gras bubble gum.

foie gras bubble gum

Why was foie gras -- the controversial French delicacy -- turned into bubble gum? We have no idea. But the ever-cheeky Archie McPhee/Accoutrements did it, so we had to taste it. Here were some of our favorite comments from the taste test:

  • "It was a Willy Wonka ride of candy flavors, featuring all the worst ones. I picked up notes of seaweed at one point, which was not a pleasant surprise. It did end on a high note at least, with the sweetness of honey. I would not buy this gum, ever."
  • "It's hard to put your finger on it, but there is definitely something wrong with this gum. Greasy aftertaste."
  • "No livery flavor, it didn't taste animal-like at all but just a super sweetened indescribable funk."
  • "It doesn't exactly taste like foie gras, but there is definitely some livery-ness in there. In the worst way."

Why, we found ourselves wondering, does this gum need to be green? We all speculated as to what the livery taste could be. Certainly not real liver, correct? We got our answer in the ingredients list below. Then we cringed and put the gum away.

foie gras bubble gum

We have no idea where "artificial liver flavoring" comes from, and we don't want to. Our very favorite part of this gum was the back of the package. We have no idea how no one is yelling at them for this yet, but we certainly appreciate their sense of snark.

foie gras bubble gum

In summation, buy this to mess with your friends, buy this for spectacle and hilarity, do not buy this to freshen your breath.

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