Foldable.Me Offers Personalized Origami-Like Figurines

Even arts and crafts are going high tech these days. A new startup called Foldable.Me has come up with a way for people to create small, origami-like figurines of themselves or friends. Think of a custom bobblehead, but in paper form.

Through the Foldable.Me website, users will be able use a custom creation tool to make a figure in their own or another person’s image. From there, Foldable.Me will send will send you the creation, which comes as a flat card, for $10 anywhere in the world. After a few quick folds -- no scissors or glue needed -- you have an adorable figurine standing a little over 3 inches tall. “Until now, mass customisation meant 2D -- lame gift cards or T-shirts,” Foldable.Me’s creator Kejia Zhu said on his Kickstarter page. “We wanted to offer something a bit more special.” The project is aided by Christopher Beaumont of CubeeCraft and the MintDigital team.

The London-based project has clearly found an audience: with 21 days left to fundraise, Foldable.Me already has exceeded its $2,500 goal on Kickstarter, with a total of more than $5,000 in fundraising so far. The money will be used to pay for tooling and production of the initial run and creation of additional colors, facial expressions and clothing options for the customization program.