This Magical Laundry Folding Machine Will Never Hang You Out To Dry

It's the love we've been waiting for. 💕

If you're looking for a mate who loves to do laundry, then consider the FoldiMate your number-one prospect.

This magical machine promises to robotically fold, steam, sanitize, soften and even perfume your laundry in seconds, so you never have to:

Much like the man or woman of your dreams, the FoldiMate takes care of everything once your clothes come out of the dryer.

Simply clip your clothes into the FoldiMate's loving arms, according to a promotional video, and the machine will use steam to remove wrinkles while achieving a perfect fold every time. Don't forget to opt for perfuming or sanitizing spray if your garments need an extra boost.

And voila! A laundromat-grade pile of clothes, every. single. time.


FoldiMate will start accepting pre-orders in 2017. Once it hits the market, the machine will cost between $700 to $850, according to the FoldiMate website.

You can get in on the action now by registering for FoldiMate's email list and even paying a bit of your pre-order price ahead of time.

Or you can use some old-fashioned laundry tricks, which always come free.

Happy folding!

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