Folks, I'm Worried About Rush Limbaugh

Folks, I'm worried about Rush Limbaugh.

To your knowledge has anyone ever exploded, you know, burst apart, like if we humans had seams, and once in a great while someone just bursts open and guts and shit shoot out in every direction? Has that ever happened to anyone you have ever known or heard of?

'Cause listening to Limbaugh in my car today carrying on about the deal Boehner cut with Reid -- and I'm someone who's heard Rush a lot and knows how far off his rocker he can get -- like the kid you knew up the block when you were nine who could stand there and holler dumbness until no one was around to hear him and his face looked like a radish!

Riding with my car windows down, I thought, "This guy could burst apart so bad even if I'm in LA and he's coming to me from NY, I better put them up." So I put the windows up and when I got to a computer I checked to see if Mr. Limbaugh was still in one piece or scattered across the landscape, a chunk of bladder here, a piece of pituitary there and maybe his mouth around the wide end of a megaphone somewhere.

I'm happy to say I worried for nothing. Mr. Limbaugh was still in one piece. But a piece of -- what?

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