Follow These 3 Steps to Let Go & Find Love

I want you to look at dating and falling in love as letting go and giving in.

You see, too many people are out there looking for love. There are many songs about it.

There's an old song that said, looking for love in all the wrong places.

There are many books that have been written, you must go hunting, looking for love. We need to become open.

And there's so much advice out there you can Google. But today I'm going to give you some advice, and it's really the only true advice that you'll ever need in order to find love.

I call it, The Power of Letting Go.

When you truly let go, and you will allow the universe to deliver you the gift you've been waiting for, and you'll recognize that person when they show up.

But letting go means you've got to take a couple steps, which I'll go over...

Step 1: Embrace Your Lessons

You need to embrace all the beautiful lessons that have been presented to you in the past.

All the relationships that have gone backwards.

All the hurt and all the disappointments.

You need to let that go.

Those lessons came to you for one reason: So you can learn them, embrace them, step into the lesson, and then thank the person for bringing you the incredible valuable lesson, so you're able to let go of the expectations and the stories.

Which leads us to number two...

Step 2: Zero Expectations and Stories

When you let go, you have zero expectation, zero stories.

You just allow yourself to be the most authentic, loving, vulnerable being that you can be.

When you step into your true vulnerability, you're stepping into your true power. When you're literally able to let go of expectations, you're stepping into the true authentic self.

You're not thinking about what to say to somebody because you've got no outcome attached to anything.

When you meet somebody, all you're thinking is:

I have an opportunity to connect with somebody like I've never connected before.

With this opportunity, I'm going to make the most of this opportunity. I'm going to listen, I'm going to find out about this person, and I'm going to step into the moment the two of us have been blessed with.

When you step into the moment that the two of you have been blessed with, you're stepping into the moment in time that you were supposed to connect with the other like-minded soul.

When you lose all expectations and stories, and just know, deep down, who you truly are, then you're going to connect with somebody who's your equal.

And that leads us finally to...

Step 3: Attracting Your Equal

Once you embrace your lessons and lose your expectations and stories, you're going to attract your equal.

Somebody who literally wants to co-create on the journey of love with you.

Somebody who understands that love is a co-creation of two like-minded souls getting together and literally stepping into that vulnerability hand-in-hand.

The two of you will literally create a safe environment to be seen, to be heard, with no judgement. You'll honor each other's pasts that have been presented you. You won't judge each other based on the stories or the decisions. You'll actually honor what happened,  honor exactly how that person became truly amazing.

You'll also realize that there's no perfect person out there, just your perfect person, the person who you can be radically imperfect with on a daily basis, the person who's going to co-create and support you like none other before.

When you meet that person, the two of you will be able to bring each other to new levels of consciousness and new levels of living.

It's really why we're all here on this planet.

So if you truly desire to find real love, then you need to really step into the realness of you.

Honor thyself, so someone may honor you. Step in to that true being, the true essence of who you are, and you're going to step into the relationship that you will truly always desire.

When you're stepping into that vulnerable consciousness and you're allowing things to unfold, what happens next is a relationship far greater than anything you've ever crafted or imagined in your mind, because it's going to be a real relationship based on equality, faithfulness, and the most beautiful thing that the two of you can build together.

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