Following Pop Culture on The Emmy Awards 2016

I hadn’t been paying much attention, to tell you the truth, so when I started channel surfing and found that the Emmy Awards were on last night I was psyched. While there are certainly a lot of complaints about these standard fare awards formats and acceptance speeches, watching them helps keep me in touch with pop culture so I dug right in.

While the clear winner was the OJ-inspired American Crime Story, I found a few even more interesting winners from my point of view.

Marcia Clark from the real OJ trial. The now award-winning Sarah Paulson played her on the now award-winning show, and brought her to the ceremony as her +1. Not only did she get the informal award for guest of the night but also Sarah’s acceptance speech made her the #1. Well done.

 Midriff bearing dresses. Fashion was in full force as usual, with the red carpet being just as entertaining as the awards themselves. We saw lots of skin exposure from open cuts in the dress designs, which is not an easy look to pull off. But it was the look of the night IMHO.

 Grocery stores. We heard a few shoutouts to grocery store brands Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Guess celebrities do grocery shop?!?

ob tampons. The brand of the night goes to ob tampons, who got a surprising “endorsement” from Amy Schumer who when asked, “Who are you wearing,” included the brand in her lineup along with her dress and shoes. It was a marketing moment to be sure.

Spray tans. Yeah, they didn’t work out well last night. Just sayin'.

That’s my own personal roundup. You just gotta love this stuff…it’s the stuff that pop culture is made of.

PS – for those keeping track, I though Jimmy Kimmel did a great job.







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