Hope for Morality in California?

Going back to when I initially asked how much integrity is left in the California Political System of Government... One is not surprised that the only form of communication left at one's disposal is the litigation route -- how sad and deplorable is this? Benjamin Franklin had a simple creed: "By continuing to do good to our fellowmen we will become the best Nation in the world". Acts of contrition are unacceptable to the "mighty" who could avert costly litigation, public disapproval and erosion of trust between the populace and our "so called" representatives.

Inevitably this leads to the only remedy left to citizens to obtain redress of grievances and in the public arena of the courts for all to see. Here below is the details of two legal grievances which are about to be made public and I inspire any of you who want to make a difference to challenge the inhumane machine that makes Sacramento what it is. Should one unfortunately not have the resources and the connections it would never see the light of day. That is their best cloak of cover as most people cannot fight "city hall"... However, Goliath did fall, let us never forget that we have a Government of the People for the People.

Below find charges which were made up and pushed through the "legal system" due to the fact that I was a whistleblower on crime which was not addressed by the Ventura County and Ojai Authorities. So, as George III would have done, they decided to try to bury the aggrieved and coerced and colluded with Los Angeles County Authorities instead of doing the right thing and "right the ship" of jails and field deputies who are acting outside of their mandated oaths. From the beginning, I informed the Governor, the Attorney General and the press and wrote a blog on 9/12/11 on Moral Conduct in California. Additionally, I wrote about the sad state of affairs with Tennis/Sports Academies and then I entered into a "Michael Clayton" incubus in Ojai with People of Special Interest... Joe Paterno passed away this weekend. The legend himself should not have overlooked the alleged crimes perpetrated upon children to keep the status quo alive, it is time for all to stand up and decry the lawlessness which has coupled with big business and government from sea to shining sea, whether local, state or federal... The only responsible authorities were the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who are indeed trying to live up to their motto, Fidelity, Bravery in Integrity. Find below our email which are officially filed in court as public record...

Mr. D'Andrea:

Attached is the claim that we filed against the LASD from the wrongful arrest in WH back in July. LASD has 45 days to see what they want to do. If they do nothing, you have 2 years to file suit. If they send back a rejection, you have 6 months to file suit. If they want to discuss and settle & we can wrap this up ASAP. Filing a claim is a precursor to the ability to sue anyone. The ACLU just filed suit against Baca for inmate abuse. See the link to the story below. I will ping the ACLU to follow up on our in person meeting.

Lawsuit Filed Against Sheriff Baca Over Inmate Abuse

The American Civil Liberties Union Wednesday filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Sheriff Lee Baca for what it described as "extraordinary brutality" by deputies against inmates in LA County jails.

Dugan Kelley
Lead Civil & Class Action Legal Specialist.


Dear Mr. D'Andrea,

We have filed a motion to dismiss and a motion to disqualify the District Attorney's office in Ventura County. Robert Sanger appeared. The District Attorney and the Attorney General requested a continuance to have the motion heard. The judge will continue the motions to February 1, 2012 at 8:30 a.m.

Best regards,

Catherine Swysen
Criminal Specialist Attorney


The only reason I am compelled to place this for all and sundry to see is so that other citizens whose rights have been trampled upon can be fully informed of how the inside of our court system works and the antics which are perpetrated within their "hallowed walls" of courtly majesty! Therefore, Ron Paul is becoming the champion and beacon of hope for our Civil Liberties and maybe he can join Governor Romney so that we can have a perfect balance of fiscal responsibility and moral equality return to our great nation.