Stray Cat Walks Into A Zoo, Gains A Very Unlikely BFF

They do say that opposites attract.

Just call them the unlikely couple.

A stray cat has reportedly become BFFs with a male black bear.

Zookeepers in Folsom, California, said the feral feline struck up the unusual friendship with the 550-pound beast named Sequoia after sauntering into the bear exhibit.

One of several adorable videos Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary posted online shows the black kitty, which keepers have nicknamed "Little Bear," searching for food — just feet from her much larger companion.

The placid puss first entered the bear exhibit to eat the dog food laid out for Sequoia and his female companion, Tahoe -- whom the cat pretty much ignores, according to sanctuary officials.

"Once she started coming in here on a regular basis, we started putting food out for her in the morning as well," senior keeper Jill Faust told KXTV.

While Sequoia and the cat don't exactly play together, Faust said they usually "stay pretty close."

"Often when Sequoia takes a hike through the 'bear forest' his cat friend walks with him," the zoo told ABC News, via a statement. "She rubs against walls and visitors can hear her raspy purr from quite a distance."

Some visitors have reportedly expressed concern over the friendship and speculate that it may end in tragedy, per Inside Edition.

But despite their companionship only hitting the headlines this week, the pair have actually been pals for several months — indicating that perhaps they both do really enjoy, rather than endure, each other's company.

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