Fondue Fun in Switzerland

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In Switzerland, it seems the traditional lifestyles have retreated to the high country, where they survive with an impressive vigor. That was clear when Otto, whose family runs the Hotel Stechelberg (which our groups love), gave us a lesson in why his fondue is so darn good.

After seeing how fondue's made, it's only right to dip in. Trish has the technique down just right. (Many of these photos are shot by Trish Feaster, check out her blog at The

Stark concrete structures in Switzerland, which seem like random bus stops, are actually avalanche shelters. While these are no-nonsense bunkers designed to save lives, there's no rule against cheering them up. How about a few butterflies?

As a tour guide, I enjoy how different travelers bring their hobbies on vacation with them. Tour members Dave and Terri enjoy geocaching. It's an impressively extensive network of people playing high-tech hide-and-seek at remote places all around the globe. At each stop, Dave and Terri get out their GPS gadget and search for a capsule hidden by a fellow geocacher. With success, they return to the bus all smiles. Here, at a Stechelberg campsite, they're about to hit the geocache jackpot. How's your experience with geocaching?

Our tour guide, Reid, granted us this photo op.

This tree tried and failed to block our way. Instead, it gave us a photo op begging for a caption. How would you title this shot?