Nick Lachey Is The New Dave Grohl In Foo Fighters Breakup Spoof

Lachey + "Everlong" = 😍

Is it getting hot in here because it feels like 98 DEGREES.

For a band that's been together more than 20 years, the Foo Fighters still seem to genuinely enjoy each other's company, despite the near constant breakup rumors that have plagued the group for years.

To quell the whisperings of frontman Dave Grohl's discontent, the rock band released a breakup video spoof late Wednesday night, in which the other four members consider potential replacements for the vocalist, like Justin Bieber, Prince, Phil Collins and the natural choice, Nick Lachey. 

In the seven-minute video billed as an "Official Band Announcement," Grohl, who recently wowed the Oscars audience with his rendition of "Blackbird" during the "In Memoriam" segment, expresses his desire to spread his wings and learn to fly (solo). As the band members catch wind of his intentions to break out on his own, they retaliate by inviting Lachey to sing the classic Foo Fighters hit "Everlong."

Considering how terrible Grohl's faux solo music sounds and how much we love Lachey's voice (yeah, we said it), we honestly wouldn't mind hearing more from this collaboration. 

But alas, the video's final message reads, "For the millionth time, we're not breaking up and nobody is going f**king solo," so we'll let our dream of the 98 Foo Fighting Degrees die. 



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