Foo Fighters Release 'Something From Nothing,' First Song Off 'Sonic Highways'

Foo Fighters have released the first new song off the band's eighth studio album, "Sonic Highways": the Chicago-inspired-and-recorded track, "Something From Nothing."

Starting off with some muffled guitar plucking and vocals from Dave Grohl, the song begins its monstrous ascent at the 90-second mark with some deep riffs. At 2:10, we get a few dissonant strums and a quick double-time from drummer Taylor Hawkins. A huge buildup controls the first half of the third minute, and after that it's nonstop ferocious rock 'n' roll. Grohl's gritty vocals are as domineering as ever as he sings out lines like, "Fuck it all, I came from nothing!" topped by an epic scream starting at 3:55.

“Something From Nothing” was recorded in Chicago with producer Steve Albini. Albini will also make an appearance in the first episode of the band's HBO mini-series, premiering on Friday night. The episode documents the band's recording process during their week in Chicago, as well as conversations with Chicago legends Buddy Guy and Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen. HBO will also be streaming the Foo Fighters live performance at the Cubby Bear in Chicago, where Grohl saw his first punk show, on their Facebook page immediately after the premiere airs.

Foo Fighters' "Sonic Highways" releases on Nov. 10.



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