'Food: An Atlas' Kickstarter Project Brings Guerrilla Cartographers Together For Crowd-Sourced Book

Writing for HuffPost Food can occasionally be depressing. Topics like counterfeit ketchup and listeria in salad don't exactly inspire a lot of faith in the food world. But one of the reasons we love covering food so much is when we come across something like Food: An Atlas, a Kickstarter "project of guerrilla cartography and publishing."

So far, the project's organizers have compiled over 60 maps ranging food production to cuisine discussion, food distribution to food security to include in the atlas. Here's how the creators describe their project:

By exploring and mapping the world of food we are able to gain a better understanding of the role food plays in our lives and our communities.

We can definitely get behind that. Here's a video about the project -- there are 4 days left to donate, and they are pretty close to the $20,000 goal!

To learn more, The Atlantic has a good interview with UC Berkeley professor Darin Jensen, the leader of the project.