Food And Music: A Match Made In Heaven?

Food And Music: A Match Made In Heaven?

The connection between food and music has been explored from many angles -- from commenting on Mario Batali's choice of music at Babbo to recommending tunes for one's dinner party. Recently, there have been a spate of new developments fusing the two disparate subjects.

The blog Turntable Kitchen pairs food with music. For examples, it recommends you try "recipes like meatloaf with homemade barbecue sauce with the banjo-based strumming of Sufjan Stevens," according to the Independent. And Food Is The New Rock explores the overlap between music and food. Its mantra is "Chefs are starting bands. Musicians are tweeting what they eat. A&R guys are starting food blogs. Band managers are opening restaurants. Chefs are the new rock stars."

More food-music genre bending can be found over at Eater New York, where its Sound Bites series pairs "footage of the city's most badass chefs crafting their signature dishes is paired with tunes from up-and-coming musicians."

The upcoming book and CD combo, "The Recipe Project", could portend the next step in food-music fusions. The book consists of a compilation of famous chefs' recipes, and recipe stories from food writers. The accompanying CD features those recipes set to music by One Ring Zero. In other words, a band sings the ingredients and directions of a recipe. We've listened to a few tracks and have to admit that we kinda liked them.

There is strong evidence that sound can influence the way we taste food, often dramatically. As food people and music people continue to find opportunities to work together, it will be interesting to see how one industry can affect the other. Plus, we're holding out for food that can somehow make music.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story stated there was a DVD/book combo. It is a CD/book combo.

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