<i>Food & Wine</i>'s Best Burgers in the U.S.

's Best Burgers In The U.S.
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2011-02-23-201010abestburgershakeshack.jpgThe burger, America's quintessential comfort food, can now be enjoyed in an impossibly endless number of ways. There are round-the-clock burgers at 24-hour-roadside joints and ephemeral late-night burgers sold out in mere minutes; burgers grilled in hundred-year-old cast-iron broilers and burgers steamed in state-of-the-art ovens; burgers crafted from Kobe beef imported from Japan and burgers made with Black Angus beef from just down the road. It's clearly a great time to love the burger. Here, we've singled out the 25 best burgers around the country.
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California: In-N-Out Burger

Food &amp; Wine&#039;s Best Burgers in the U.S.

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