27 Food Names Parents Are Giving Their Babies

Apple and Kale are just the tip of the iceberg.
Parents in the U.S. have picked a number of food-related names for their babies.
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Parents in the U.S. have picked a number of food-related names for their babies.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin made international news back in 2004 when they named their newborn daughter Apple. At the time, the name was virtually unheard of ― chosen for no more than seven American babies in any given year between the ’70s and ’90s.

But after Apple Martin made headlines, that number increased considerably. According to the Social Security Administration, 44 baby girls were named Apple in 2005. The name’s popularity ebbed and flowed for the next decade, and in 2014, the number of baby girls named Apple dropped into the teens. In 2016, only 11 baby Apples were born.

Apple isn’t the only food name parents in the U.S. are giving their children. In fact, many people opt for fruits, vegetables, and spices like Lemon, Kale and Saffron.

Here are 27 food-related names and the number of newborns given those names in 2016:

Lemon (26 girls)

Cherry (40 girls)

Kale (100 boys)

Pepper (136 girls, nine boys)

Saffron (30 girls)

Maple (113 girls)

Basil (22 girls, 60 boys)

Apple (11 girls)

Clementine (378 girls)

Huckleberry (27 boys)

Sage (928 girls, 526 boys)

Lilikoi (eight girls)

Ginger (56 girls)

Cayenne (eight girls)

Berry (10 boys)

Olive (1,155 girls, nine boys)

Amaranth (five girls)

Brie (75 girls)

Nori (168 girls, 13 boys)

Candy (49 girls)

Anise (13 girls)

Jasmine (2,625 girls, six boys)

Rosemary (729 girls)

Honey (50 girls)

Lotus (88 girls, seven boys)

Maize (six girls, five boys)

Curry (13 boys)

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