'Food' Beauty Products That Aren't So Appetizing (PHOTOS)

Must... resist... the urge... to hurl.

I have a weird habit of nosediving into my beauty products even before I can rip off the plastic seal. Maybe it's because of my natural attraction to citrus-smelling shampoos, body butters and perfumes... or maybe it's to avoid smoothing on some vomit-inducing product.

While I'm not the only girl whose olfactory perception plays a huge role in deciding which items get a coveted spot on the bedroom dresser, that hasn't stopped brands from creating some of the grossest beauty products. Namely, those of the food-scented variety.

From Lush's Okra conditioner (apparently the seedy green vegetable works wonders for dry, damaged hair) to Pizza Hut's perfume (which the editors here at HuffPost discovered oddly smells like the inside of a Cinnabon store), I have a hard time figuring out whether I'm hungry or just fighting the urge to hurl.

Click through the slideshow below to see these and more not-so-appetizing food-scented beauty products.

Food-Scented Beauty Products

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