Cruel Food Brands Mangle Books For Meme Challenge. Readers Aren't Having It.

Books are doused with milk and gummed up with Gushers. Publishers, readers, bookstores and libraries resist.

Various food brands thought they’d get cute by brutalizing books in a “don’t have a bookmark” challenge involving crushing Chex Mix and chicken wings inside of them and dousing them with milk. Haha, said book lovers, publishing houses, bookstores and libraries. Not funny.

The war was apparently started Monday by Chex Mix with a tweet showing its food bits scattered over the pages of a book, which was then snapped shut with its Chex Mix “bookmark” inside.

Stunned critics responded with “unfollow” — and worse.

Then it was Oreo Cookie’s turn. “Don’t have a bookmark? Try using Oreo cookies and milk instead,” quipped an Oreo tweet. “No books were harmed in this dunking,” Oreo chortled in a subsequent message.

Then others joined in on the brutal action:

Suggestions for kinder treatment were also available:

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