The 29 Biggest Food Bummers That Will Always Bring You Down

Off-brand ketchup should be illegal.

We're going to be honest, food is the best part of most of our days. We spend the majority of our time planning our meals and snacks, but sometimes things happen that derail our happiness. We call them food bummers. You know, when your dairy products are expired or the wrapper sticks to your candy or the restaurant only has generic cola. These things are the worst.

Herewith, 29 annoying foods things that will ALWAYS make you crazy.

1. Flat soda.

2. Soggy/undercooked French fries.

3. Cutting open an avocado, only to find out it's brown inside. (UGHHHH THERE GOES $5).

4. When you painstakingly pick out a container of tomatoes or strawberries at the store only to get home and discover there is one hidden in the middle that's moldy and getting its mold juice all over the others.

6. When you spend 10 hours peeling an orange and it's totally dry inside.

6. Milk that expires after one day.

7. Opening a bag of chips and finding out that a) they are all crushed or b) the bag is almost entirely air.

8. When the cork breaks, and you're forced to do magic to open the bottle, and then you have to deal with the cork floating around your wine all night.

9. Stale chewing gum.

10. When your Kit Kat bar is already broken inside the package. Part of the thrill is breaking it yourself. #TheStruggle

11. When the meat you buy smells funky.

12. Off-brand ketchup. (Heinz or bust).

13. When you realize your creamer is spoiled only after you've put it in your coffee.

14. When you order an iced coffee from your trusted coffee place and it's watery.

15. Stale popcorn.

16. When chicken wings are so spicy you can't eat them and your nose is running and your forehead is dripping and all you wanted was to enjoy the wings.

17. Burned cookies.

18. Fatty chicken.

19. Under-dressed salad.

20. Over-dressed salad.

21. Off-brand soda. Cane-sugar cola should not exist.

22. When there is no jelly in your jelly doughnut.

23. Cold butter that just won't spread.

24. When a banana is almost entirely mushy beneath the facade of a sturdy peel.

25. When the trail mix has like two M&Ms and 2,000 peanuts.

26. When you only ate a spoonful of ice cream from the pint and it already has freezer burn.

27. When you open a carton of eggs and they are already cracked. Or when you crack an egg and get eggshells everywhere.

28. When you open a box of salad greens, and they're completely wilted already.

29. A mealy apple.

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