The Worst Food-Scented Candles On Earth

Most of us use candles to mask bad smells, but there's now a candle that does just the opposite.

Most of us use candles to mask overwhelming smells, but there's now a candle market that strives to do just the opposite. Rather than freshen up the smell of your house after you've fried up some bacon with a eucalyptus-scented candle, you can purposefully create the smell of bacon all day long, seven days a week, without even having to turn on the stove.

And it's not just the bacon candle that you can indulge your olfactory senses in. Aside from the White Castle slider candle, which recently came back on the market, you've got a pick of some real interesting food flavors. Warning: these are not for those with delicate senses of smell -- or for those with normal senses of smell either, for that matter. Check out the scents below and let us know which you'd be willing to try in the comments.

Beer-Scented Candle
This candle's perfect for when you miss the good ol' frat house days. Just light the beer candle and let the smell of warm brew take you back.
Turkey & Stuffing Candle
Yankee Candle
All Thanksgiving. All the time.
New York Style Pizza Candle
Man Cans
It's like bringing the smell of the streets of New York right into your home -- for better or for worse.
Jolly Rancher
The worst part about this candle is that it's not even Jolly Rancher's best flavor.
Schnitzel With Noodles
Yankee Candle
Aunt Sadie's Sizzling Bacon Candle
We're not surprised about this one.
Whiskey Candle
If you have this candle, you just might have a drinking problem.
White Castle Candle
Mmm, vanilla candle wax mixed with burger grease.
Popcorn Candle
The smell of freshly-made popcorn without getting to eat any. Great.

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