Aziz Ansari's 'Food Club' Will Make You Hungry

One of the perks of being a celebrity is easy access to the best restaurants in the country. Restaurants that the rest of us pine for months to eat at, actors can waltz in to whenever they please. And apparently comedians too -- at least comedians with a food show. Aziz Ansari (our favorite Parks and Recs actor thanks to his unabashed love of food), Eric Wareheim of the comedy troupe Tim and Eric, and comedy director and writer Jason Woliner have started Food Club, a televised eating club of sorts, and they're eating in the best of places.

Food Club's first episode has just been released (watch above). It's a fifteen-minute segment that follows the three comedians from restaurant to restaurant, eating great food all while bestowing the self-important honor of an official 'Food Club' plaque to some of the best restaurants in the country. This special honor is only bestowed on the most deserving of restaurants -- like Son Of A Gun and Ink -- bringing them to the high status they have already attained.

Despite the trio of comedic personalities, watching Food Club won't make your belly ache with laughter. It will however make you hungry. While the 15 minutes drag on at times, the show is more than worth the watch for the final scene where the three "judges" decide whether they will present the plaque to the chef in question or burn it in their face -- all in the classic, dramatic reality TV show fashion. It's priceless.

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